City Clerk's Office

Welcome to the City Clerk Office. The City Clerk is elected to office and is the custodian of the City seal. The City Clerk's Office assists the public in obtaining information in order to maintain transparency and the integrity of an open government, as well as serving as a neutral liaison between residents and government.

The Office conducts City elections, administers Oaths of Office to elected officials and City Commissioners, and assists with voter registration.

Responsibilities of the City Clerk Office:

o Prepares agenda packets for the City Council
o Processes all public records requests
o Accepts claims and service of legal documents
o Maintains the Montebello Municipal Code (MMC)
o Processes all Resolutions, Ordinances, Contracts, Deeds and official documents
o Maintains City documents and agreements entered into by the City and all other governing boards
o Ensures that City Council and all other governing boards’ actions are properly executed, recorded, and archived
o Posts legal notices and conducts bid openings
o Services as the Filing Officer as required by the Fair Political Practices Commission “FPPC
o Administers fair and impartial City elections and assists with voter registration
o Administers Oaths of Office, attesting, and sealing official documents

Contact Information:

1600 West Beverly Boulevard
Montebello, CA 90640
Phone: (323) 887-1363

Christopher Jimenez, City Clerk

Alicia Fernandez, Deputy City Clerk

Kimberly Guillen, Assistant to Deputy City Clerk

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