Montebello Government Channel

Montebello Gov TV Channel offers a “window” to the activities and personalities that make Montebello’s local government and community unique. This Community Channel will provide broadcast programming that informs and engages Montebello’s citizens in their government, community, recreational opportunities, the local economy and cultural events.

The Montebello Gov TV Channel will provide 24 hours of programming, public service announcements and bulletin boards. It will also feature production by the City of Los Angeles in partnership with TV of Santa Monica. Montebello Gov TV Channel will also provide rebroadcast coverage of Montebello City Council meetings, Planning Commission, Culture and Recreation Commission and Traffic and Civil Service commission meetings. Safety programs for residents will also broadcast on Montebello Gov TV Channel topics such as “Identity Theft Protection,” “Vehicle Burglary Prevention” and various videos on emergency preparedness.

Montebello Gov TV Channel community bulletin board featuring news about community group meetings and City programs will be broadcasted as well. DVDs of the City Council and Commission meetings are available for purchase in the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall.

For more information about Montebello Gov TV Channel, call the City’s Administration office at 323-887-4547.

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