Animal License

"For the Current Fiscal Year (2020-2021), all payments and inquiries pertaining to animal licensing are being handled by the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA).

For all inquiries related to animal licensing please call the SEAACA at (562) 803-3301.

Dog License Payment Drop-box is now located in City Hall Main Lobby for your convenience
* Please use the main lobby North entrance for access to Payment drop-box.

Persons desiring to obtain a dog license must have a rabies certificate for their dogs that are 4 months or older. Upon payment of the fees (listed below), a metallic tag and license certificate with corresponding numbers will be furnished for each dog. The fees are as follow:







Senior Unaltered:


Senior Altered:


Late fee is 50% of license fee. Senior is any person over 62 years of age. Tag replacement fee is $10.00.


Cats are currently not required to be licensed.

The dog licensing period is from July 1st through June 30th of each year.

  • To avoid legal proceedings and additional fines, please obtain a dog license and rabies vaccination for each dog four months of age or older, with a maximum of three dogs per address. It is a misdemeanor if you fail to license your dog. Dog licenses must be renewed annually.
  • Fee is reduced at the time of licensing or renewal if the dog has been altered, however, you must submit a spay/neuter certificate.
  • A 50% penalty will be automatically added to the license fee on all licenses not received for renewal by July 31st of the year due.
  • State and local regulations require that all dogs be kept on a leash (six feet in length maximum) and under direct control of the person in charge while on any public street or property.
  • Please help us by caring for your pet. Keep them vaccinated, licensed, and on a leash.
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