Paving the Way

What is Paving the Way?

The City of Montebello’s “Paving the Way” Plan plan began in early 2020 as a series of street improvement projects scheduled to progress over the 2020 - 2021 fiscal year. Work will primarily affect local neighborhood street segments. New improvements include ADA ramps, repairs of sidewalks, repairs of curbs and gutters, and resurfacing of streets and local drainage areas. This project also stands apart due to its incorporation of Asphalt-Rubber Aggregate Membrane Seal Coat (ARAM) and HyRAP® technology when paving new streets.

What is ARAM? 

Asphalt-Rubber Aggregate Membrane Seal Coat (ARAM) and HyRAP® technology. ARAM recycles the equivalent of over 600 California scrap tires in every lane mile, an amount significantly more than any other comparable product. The use of ARAM has an immediate benefit of reducing tire stockpiles and indirectly aids in conserving land, preventing fires, and preventing water pollution. Using this recycled material also allows the City to be more cost effective in preventing unnecessary repairs that would result from using less durable paving materials. While this strategy benefits our community economcially, it is also preserving the future of our environment as well. 

IMG 1003 Edit

Above - A picture of the HyRAP® going down onto the paving interlayer ARAM. ARAM is a proven paving strategy that helps mitigate Type B Alligator cracking.


Picture 2
 Above - A close up picture of the new wearing surface. The asphalt is called HyRAP®. This sustainable material is cutting edge technology and mixed as they layer it over the ARAM.

Picture 3

Above - This is a cut-away picture of the composite interlayer paving strategy using ARAM and HyRAP®. These two paving technologies combined make a formidable paving strategy that ensure longer lasting roads.


Current Schedule

Paving the Way Schedule_July-August 2021

Please Note:

  • All dates subject to change due to weather, etc.
  • All residents will be directly notified of work in their area.


Old Schedules

Submittal #2 - Preliminary Construction Schedule

Phase 1 - West Goft Course (GC) Area

Phase 2 - South City Hall (CH) Area

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