The Montebello Fire Department-Fire Prevention Bureau has been performing fire investigations in an attempt to determine the origin and cause of fires, in order to prevent fires in the future.

Although most fires are accidental, some fires are found to be criminal in nature, needing further investigation by an Arson Investigator. These investigators are specially trained fire investigators, cross-trained in a law enforcement capacity. This training allows for fire personnel to work closely or autonomously from the Montebello Police Department or other law enforcement agencies.

Montebello Arson Investigators are members of the Area E Fire Chiefs-Arson Task Force, as well as sworn Special Deputy United States Marshals, allowing for cohesive enforcement of fire laws across state boundaries. In addition, Montebello Arson Investigators are members of the United States-Department of Transportation-HazMat Enforcement Action Taskforce (HEAT) established to enforce illegal intrastate transportation of illegal fireworks.

Investigators respond to both fire and environmental incidents for investigations. During a year, investigators respond to about 100 calls for service. In addition to these calls for service, Montebello Arson Investigators annually participate in the local enforcement of the use of illegal fireworks.

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